Rezultāti pēc pirmajām 3 dienām

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Finālspēļu tiešraides Uļjanas Semjonovas kausa izcīņas sacensībām basketbolā meitenēm

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Pirmās dienas spēļu rezultāti

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Sacensību sākums jau šodien!

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Uļjanas Semjonovas kausa izcīņa sacensības basketbolā meitenēm norisināsies jau devīto reizi

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The Uljana Semjonova Cup is finished

The competition is organized in the U15 and U17 age groups - each of the two best teams from Riga participated this year, as well as four foreign teams (Hungary, Russia, Lithuania, Estonia, Belarus, Poland). "Rīdzene" girls and "Kolibri" met at Daugava Sports hall U17 group finals. With a score of 67:51, "Rīdzene" celebrated victory. The Rīdzene girls defeated St. Petersburg's Kalininskaja (66:50), Klaipeda Basketball School (66:37), lost Kolibri (43:52), but recovered with victories over the Polish club UKS (62:25) and the Estonian ' Audentes ”- 49:43. Klaipeda Basketball School is in third place winning the team St. Petersburg's "Kalininskaya" (81:52). In the U15 final, Hungarian "Sopron" girls played with "Rīdzene" - 67:45, "Sopron" celebrated victory. The Audentes winning Vologda in 59:49 and finished third. Thank for support and see you next year!

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Final day

In the 2019 tournament the group tournament games have successfully finished and today teams will play final games for places.

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Competition starts today

Today, September 12th the Uljana Semjonova Cup will start at 3 pm with the U-15 group game between RBJSS Ridzene and Vologda,

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U-17 (born in 2003) teams: - BJBS Riga/Ridzene (LV) - BK Kolibri/47. vsk. (LV) - Basketball club UKS (POL) - SK Audentes (EST) - Klaipeda basketball school (LT) - Kalininskaja Basketball school (RUS)

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Invitation to the opening of the competition

As previously announced, this year from 12 September to 15 September basketball school "Riga" sports center "Daugavas sporta nams" and Sports Center "Ridzene" will take place in the eighth Uljana Semjonova Cup competitions in basketball girls U-15 and U-17 age groups. Anyone interested is invited to attend the opening event of the competition this year September 12, 17:00 Children and Youth Basketball School "Riga" Daugavs sporta nams, Barona Street 107, Riga.

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